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'String Quartet' can be best described in just two words, 'Intimate' and 'Fascinating'.

'Intimate' because just these four instruments takes care of the whole concert. The first violin might play the melody. But the second violin and viola turn into accompaniments. The Cello, meanwhile plays a bass line, with substance enough to be a melody by itself. Such is the charm of the string quartet.

'Fascinating' because each instrument has much more to do than just being a part of a huge orchestra.

The Madras String Quartet (MSQ)
was founded in 1993. The group is based in Chennai, a southern city of the state of Tamilnadu, India. From a modest beginning, the group has expanded their activities from mere concert performances to recording, teaching and conducting workshops.

The MSQ has been striving to establish itself as one of the finest in playing chamber music in the country. It has also been actively involved in creating a generation of new audience who are sensitive to listening and appreciating western chamber music tradition. The group is also actively engaged in exploring new frontiers of playing chamber music.

One such attempt was the release of the CD entitled Resonance. The album released in April 2000, is an attempt to blend the two classical traditions, namely the Western and the South Indian. The album features compositions of South Indian classical music rearranged for a string quartet using Western principles of harmony. Visit  'Resonance- The album'  for more details.





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